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Today we will upload a file with radio controls time every minutes and put information in Live Blog. Due the poor internet signal, Ori-Live won't be used.


Middle Distance Final

At 10:00 will start Grant Lebbink, the first runner of WOC Men's startlist which will last until 13:04. Course is 20,1 km / 590 m / 21 controls, with expected winning time 55 minutes. So we will know who is the new world champion in Middle Distance approximately at five to two.

WOC Women will begin at 10:01, first runner is Portuguese Maria Amador, while the last one will start at 11:57. Course is 14,9km / 435 m / 17 controls, expected winning time is 52 minutes.

Both WOC classes have a Red Group that you can see here.

Fabio Marsoner and Julia Ritter are the first in JWOC StarList. We will know the JWOC Men champion before quarter to midday and in Women classe we can applaud the winner approximately at half past one.

The terrain has defined well tracks with generally medium going. Athletes will find forest and open areas.


WOC Sprint Head Cam Footage!

Most exciting bits condensed to 6 mins. Watch out for speeding cars, near crashes with other riders, steps and a open manhole in the moat! (by Mark Stodgell from Great Britain - 240)


Vicente Moura wishes to see Orienteering in Olympic Games

The President of the Portuguese Olympic Committe (COP), Vicente Moura, visited MTB WOC & JWOC 2010 and defended the idea of included Orienteering in next Olympic Games. He told that Portugal would have a "good participation" in London 2012.


Boticas received Forest Model Event

Today Boticas received Forest Model Event that was the last training before Middle Distance Final. As arena was located in front of Boticas city hall, all teams enjoyed forest and the beautiful urban area of Boticas.

Photos and Maps are available in Model Events section.


Middle Distance Final Start List

Middle Distance Final Start List is available here.


Sprint Final Video

Chaves was a wonderful scenario for Sprint Final...


MTB WOC & JWOC 2010 officially opened

The Opening Ceremony of MTB WOC & JWOC 2010 took place in Montalegre this afternoon. Teams started marching in Castle and finished inside the Exhibition Centre of Montalegre where all participants watched a gymnastic and traditional dance show.

Dr. Fernando Rodrigues, president of Municipal Council of Montalegre welcomed the participants. He remembered the importance of World Championships for region, instance the efforts done by council to receive the event and wished everybody a pleasureful stay for this week.

Dr. António Rodrigues, president of Portuguese Orienteering Federation greeted the teams on behalf of the organization and wished a successful competition to runners. He hopes staying in Northern Portugal becomes an unforgettable experience for all and give you the best memories.

Both hope that participants enjoying sports and the unique culture of the region.


Jackson and Kaminska kings of Sprint

The first day of the MTB WOC & JWOC 2010 programme confirmed the expectations whereas it was a so exciting Sprint Final. So many spectators along the roads and inside Chaves Stadium enjoyed the race and applauded athletes during almost three hours.

In WOC Men Adrian Jackson from Australia was the first competitor who crossed the finish line Sprint Final in race with 22m and 8s. The new World Champion among men was followed by Tonis Erm and Anton Foliforov.
Anna Kaminska (Poland) is the new champion in the same discipline among women after won the race with 21m 25s. Christine Schaffner is the vice champion and Martina Tichovska finished on the 3rd place.

The Russian Grigory Medvedev is the new Sprint World Championship in JWOC Men discipline, after winning the race with less 12 seconds than Andreas Konring and Krystof Bogard is on third position.

Marie Brezinova from Czech Republic won the Sprint Final in JWOC Women. Barbro Kvale finished on the 2nd place and Tatiana Repina was the last athlete in podium.

Results, Photos and Maps can be found in Competition Info section.


25 Days 25 Names continues during MTB WOC & JWOC 2010

How 25 Days 25 Names was a success before event it continues during MTB WOC & JWOC 2010. Athletes describe themselves and their goals in World Championships 2010.

Mateusz Niedbala is the athlete presented in "25 Days 25 Names" section today.


Sprint Final

At 9:00 Juho Saarinen (M21), Corinne Hess (W21) are the first WOC athletes who left start. The last women starts at 9:52, so the name of the first women world champion of this year will be discovered around fourteen past ten.
WOC Men's startlist finishes with Austrian Tobias Breitschadel at 10:16, so the champion will be named around twenty to eleven.

Courses for WOC: 7 km / 150 m / 19 controls for women, 9 km / 180 m / 21 controls for men, with 25 minutes estimated winner time for men and 22 for women.

In JWOC Christina Hellberg from Denmark is the first athlete in Start List (9:00). We will know the first JWOC women world championship at twenty to ten and the men winner after around one hour.

Arena is located inside Chaves Stadium and all courses including historical city with narrow streets. Terrain is moderately hilly and map for this sprint final is at 1:7500 scale with 5m equidistance.

Chaves is a amazing challenge for MTB Orienteering and during next hours its roads will be a source of emotion.



Montalegre received Sprint Model Event

The fantastic landscape of Cávado River Park was the centre of Sprint Model Event. Three hundred athletes were in this first experience with a urban map in MTB WOC & JWOC 2010. Tomorrow Chaves will receive the Sprint Final. So much emotion are waiting for athletes and spectators in Chaves.

The map and some photos were published in Model Events section.


My name is… Daniel Marques

Daniel Marques is the last athlete presented in "25 Days 25 Names" section. There you can know 25 Athletes of WOC/JWOC Montalegre 2010.

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