Bulletin 4 is Available

Bulletin 4 is available for download.


Accommodation Acessibility

The accommodation teams acessibility was published. Click on image to see large size.


Bib Numbers are available

The list of Bib Numbers for MTB WOC & JWOC 2010 is available here.


Bulletin 3 is Available

Bulletin 3 is available for download.



Name Entries are Available.

In Entries section you can find Name Entries by classes: WOC W/M, JWOC W/M and Open Entries. It is possible see statistics of last years for each athlet.

Entries by classes:


Promotional Video of MTB World Orienteering Championships 2010

Below you can watch the Promotional Video of MTB WOC & JWOC Montalegre 2010.


Press Conference of the MTB World Orienteering Championships 2010

The Montalegre City Hall received this morning, the Press Conference of the MTB World Orienteering Championships 2010 (MTB WOC & JWOC 2010). In presentation of the biggest competitive event of MTB Orienteering were present the President of Montalegre City, Fernando Rodriguez, the Event Director, Eduardo Oliveira, the Technical Director of Portuguese Orienteering Federation, António Aires and the Portuguese Athlete Davide Machado.


25 Days 25 Names!

In this section you will know 25 Athletes of WOC/JWOC Montalegre 2010 during the last 25 days until event. More information here.


New Statistics Section!

In this section you can find information about results of all athlets and countries in last years. For each athtlet are available Previous Results in World Championships, Previous Ranking Positions, Participation in World Ranking Events and... much more. See all here.


WOC/JWOC Montalegre 2010 Press Conference

The Press Conference to present the WOC/JWOC 2010 will be held on June 17 at 11 o'clock in Montalegre City Hall.


25 Teams Registered

Twenty-five teams are already registered in the MTB-O WOC / JWOC 2010. This list is available in Entries section.


Open Competitions

There are Open Competitions available during WOC/JWOC MTB-O 2010. You can participate in events on the same terrains that the best athletes in the world.

Open Competitions form is available for download (up to 4th June).


Entry Forms are available

The Registration section was update with all Entry Forms.

You can download it here.


Bulletin 2 was Published

Bulletin 2 is available for download.

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